I am a graduate student in cell biology (I’m embarassed to tell you how long I’ve been in school) at a respectable research university, blogging anonymously so that I don’t get fired, scooped, or snickered at. I have (hopefully) only a few more months until I defend my thesis and head off into the wide, wide world.

Random Things About Me:

  1. I work with yeast because I don’t like to kill small furry things (though I have no problem with using animals for research, I am just overly sentimental). I can murder thousands–millions!–of yeast with no guilt whatsoever.
  2. I like to read sci-fi/fantasy novels.
  3. I have a cat.
  4. I am married to a scientist (who is in the physical sciences, not biology).
  5. My husband lives in another state because that’s the way the job situation worked out.
  6. I knit.
  7. I want a career in science education with no bench science.
  8. Number 7 may change after I’ve been away from the bench for awhile and gain some perspective.
  9. I’m from Iowa.
  10. I have very strong feelings about barn color (yes, you read that right, for explanation, please see number 9).
  11. I still haven’t read every paper put out by my current lab (but I will, probably right about the time I start writing the introduction to my thesis).
  12. I secretly want to open a yarn store and run as far away from science as I possibly can.
  13. The first time I thought, “I want a PhD,” was after reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle in 5th grade (hence the user name).
  14. At one time, I thought I wanted to be an MD or even an MD, PhD (shhh! don’t tell my labmates!).

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your writing style and the things that you talk about. I’m an MD and will start my second post-doc soon. I’m intrigued about your item number 14. What is the wrong with being MD or MD,PhD? Please tell me. I love your whole blog. Thank you for sharing your insight on the research field.

  2. I’m an undergraduate writing my senior thesis in cell biology. It’s interesting to read about your path to becoming a PhD. I, too, have thought about becoming an MD-PhD. Nice to know you’re out there. We should read each other’s theses!

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  4. I love what I’ve seen of your blog so far and look forward to reading more. I have a lot of commonalities with your 14 random things, including your sentiment in #1–I am a cognitive psychologist/neuroscientist and work with humans, so the most harm I inflict is occasional boredom & frustration.

    I have my PhD already… and so can tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if at some points you secretly want to run away from science (for me it was to be a school librarian, rather than science education). Good luck with your thesis and ultimately your defense (in case I don’t get back to this blog–being early in the tenure-track process with 2 young kids gives little time for blog reading)!

  5. I have quietly been following your blog for months and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

    I, myself, am a science educator who just turned in the first draft of my Masters thesis. The last month has been especially daunting, but your blog has been inspirational and calming, just to know there is another woman out there experiencing the same ups and downs.

    Next January I began my Ph.D., so you can be assured that you will have this loyal reader for sometime to come!

    Best wishes,
    Lady Audacity

  6. I came across your blog, and it really resonates with me, from the academics and anxiety down to the knitting. It feels really good to know we’re not alone.

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