Placenta Previa, or Why This Baby Will Be an Only Child

So, on Sat. I started having some spotting (I’m at 25 weeks now, btw) and possibly contractions.  So, I stopped moving bookshelves,* drank two glasses of water,** and laid down.  The bleeding stopped, the contractions went away and Husband left for his business trip as scheduled on Sunday.  I already had an OB appt. on Monday and at that appt., the OB checked the location of my placenta and guess what!  It’s right up against the cervix.  The OB couldn’t tell if it was going around part of the cervix or covering it.  The transvaginal ultrasound would tell her more, but she doesn’t want to do it for fear of causing more bleeding.  So–bonus!–no more internal exams either.

This condition is known as placenta previa and I am now at a much, much higher risk of bleeding uncontrollably and dying.  The fun never ends.  Because I only had that one incident of spotting after I had obviously been overdoing it, my doctor put me on restricted movement instead of bed rest.  No exercise!  No sex!  No lifting!  Take it easy at work!  (Not a problem there.)

If the placenta is just very near the cervix, as the uterus expands and pulls the placenta away from the cervix it might pull the placenta far enough away to allow for a vaginal birth.***  If the placenta is covering the cervix it is unlikely uterine expansion will pull the placenta far enough away from the cervix and a c-section will be necessary.  I’m imagining they would do it somewhat early as well considering that there is a huge risk that you will bleed out and die if you go into labor.  It probably depends on how much of the cervix is blocked.

So, I’m pretty much sitting at home and knitting for most of the rest of my pregnancy.  I’m not particularly concerned that I will start bleeding uncontrollably any time soon because I’m pretty sure my OB would have stuck me on bed rest if that were the case.  But, I really don’t want to do anything that might cause spotting because then I will be on bed rest until mid to late November.  And dudes, it’s only August!  Can you imagine laying in bed for the next several months????  And, what about my restless legs?  They will drive me insane if I get put on bed rest.  So.  Sitting at home.  Knitting.  Sewing.  Embroidering.


*I have heard there are men who will not allow their pregnant wives do anything remotely strenuous.  Husband is not one of them.

**The advice given on my “preterm labor” sheet from the OB.  I guess dehydration can cause contractions.

***Or, according to my OB, my placenta might not move at all.

9 thoughts on “Placenta Previa, or Why This Baby Will Be an Only Child

  1. Oh no! Well, it sounds like your OB isn’t particularly worried or, like you said, they would have put you on strict bed rest. Get lots of movies, and have lots of knitting projects lined up 🙂

  2. Yikes! I’m sorry to hear about the placenta previa diagnosis. It sounds like you’re being pretty sensible about it all, though (my MIL is an OB and she has told me some stories!). Taking it easy is a good plan and it doesn’t sound like your OB is too worried (which I take as a good sign).

  3. Sorry to hear this! Good luck staying busy without too much effort. Chances are very good that everything will be fine (and I don’t think it means your next would be like this… though I certainly understand if you’re ‘done!’

    • Yeah, I pretty much feel done. I was starting to feel done before this, with the horrible first trimester, the amnio from hell, and the ridiculous acid reflux I’ve got going on and this is pretty much the last straw. Maybe we’ll adopt a second child….

  4. It’s all too much, isn’t it. Way too much! But this is well-worn territory and I am sure that your doctors will steer you through it. This is the sort of thing that doctors are really good at. I find doctors to be much more tolerable when they actually have something useful to do. Also I guess you are getting your money’s worth out of all that insurance. Yippee.

    Do you think you can get in some easy walking everyday? I worry that if you don’t move at all for months, that your mood might plummet. I know that is what would happen to me. I have been having trouble getting in enough walking during the day because it is so damn hot here. I hate walking in the oppressive heat. But I try to make my way to the coffee shop a few blocks away at least once a day. Of course, I spend way too much money on ice tea and lemonade, but I think it is probably the best thing for me overall.

    • I would love to take a short walk everyday, but unfortunately, I’ve been getting contractions if I get up and move around too much so I’ve been pretty much sitting in bed or on the couch for the last few days. Hopefully, things will settle down soon!

  5. Yikes! hope things go smoothly from here on out – want to share (photos?!) your projects? i love me some knittin’ & sewin’ 🙂

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  7. I can relate to a bunch of the. I’ve a robust stomach but this go around my little 1 is determined to make me throw up cinnamon rolls. I go in for my three hour glucose test tomorrow given that the a single hour came back high for being pregnant. Diabetes runs in my loved ones but I’ve constantly been hypoglycemic.

    I’m certain they are testing me way as well early on glucose but w/e! I will do whatever I’ve to for my
    Christmas bundle even when that means both my arms are bruised!

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