If the government shuts down

Husband works for a company that contracts with NASA.  His office is in a NASA research center.  If the government shuts down, he can telecommute for awhile.  If the government shuts down for an extended period of time, he will not be able to telecommute for the entire time and will have to start taking vacation time.  If the government shuts down for a really long time, he will run out of vacation time and he will not be paid. Not, “he’ll still be paid but he won’t get a paycheck until the government starts up again.”  He. Will. Not. Be. Paid.  And seeing as how I’m currently unemployed, we will have no income.

A cut in income and no vacation time has pretty big meaning to us right now.  My brother is getting married in June in Iowa.  Will we be able to afford to go?  Or rather, will we be able to afford for me to go because Husband will have to stay home due to having no vacation time.  And then, there’s the baby.  Obviously, a decrease in income is not good when there is a baby on the way.  But, the loss of vacation time is also not good.  Husband’s company does not offer paid paternity leave.  He can use sick time for that (and pray he doesn’t get sick until he accrues more sick time) and he was going to do that, but he was also planning on using vacation time.  He’s been trying to save as much vacation time as possible in preparation for this, but obviously, it is more important to us for him to receive a paycheck right now so he will take vacation time now if he has to.

I don’t agree with many of the budget cuts the Republicans want.  But, at this point, I don’t give a damn.  Just pass the budget already.

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  1. I agree with you. Although I normally would want lawmakers to fight for provisions I support, at this point I feel like whichever party gives in is actually going to look better. You know, like they actually care about the country and the people risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan more than any individual budget item. Like that. So I say, give in! Just pass the damn thing.

    On the bright side, be grateful that DH will be paid even for a short time. I have multiple friends whom, starting next monday, will get no pay at all. I hope that (a) this doesn’t happen, and (b) if it happens, it will be resolved before it hits your pocketbook.

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