Think like a scientist

It’s been over a year since I’ve done any labwork whatsoever.  But I still have a scientific bent towards the little things.  I don’t “observe,” I take data, I use the word “aliquots” instead of “portions,” it’s not a “procedure,” it’s a protocol.

Husband and I are (finally) officially trying to concieve (yay!) and, as one might expect from two scientists, we are trying to be scientific about it.  Or at least I thought we were.  Recently, we have had to make a few sacrifices.  I have given up alcohol (curse you wine, why did you have to be alcoholic??) and caffeine (no more Mt. Dew or caffeinated tea *sob*).  Husband has switched from briefs to boxers.

Or so I thought.

Scene:  Folding laundry in the bedroom

Me:  Wait a minute.  What are these briefs doing in the laundry?

Husband:  Well, I ran out of boxers….

Me:  Why didn’t you say something?

Husband:  Well, I didn’t want to pressure you to do laundry.

Me:  [growing impatient] But, I could have bought some more!

Husband:  I suppose….

Me:  You can’t go switching from boxers to briefs and back again!  That’s just.. [sputtering]…BAD PROTOCOL!

Husband:  Alright….

Me:  I don’t want to be sitting in a doctor’s office a year from now, saying, “Well, sometimes he wore boxers!!”  [muttering] Calls himself a scientist, can’t even set up a properly controlled experiment….

3 thoughts on “Think like a scientist

  1. LOL the next time some silly faculty members blasts some poor newbie first year grad student about ‘thinking like a scientist’ I will probably make inappropriate noises. THANKS

  2. hahahaha, love the scene from the laundry room! Congrats on making it official, hope it’s a small n # that makes it all happen 🙂

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