You would think that now that I have my thesis done I could concentrate on getting pregnant.  You’d be wrong.  I’m still trying to get my medications sorted out.  I can’t go off of them entirely (tried that in the fall and crashed), but I’m still hoping to get rid of one or two of them.  Specifically, I’ve been taking ativan to help me sleep so I’m trying to wean myself off of it because taking it would be like drinking a glass of wine every night which one shouldn’t do while pregnant.

But, I’m really tired of waiting.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for years now and I have this feeling like my fertility is slipping away while I wait for things to be right.  If I am lucky it will be only two more weeks until I am off of the ativan and then I’m not waiting anymore.

5 thoughts on “Impatient

  1. “and then I’m not waiting anymore”
    I would argue that unless you’re one of the lucky few, that’s when the waiting really starts.

    Having medications sorted out seems important. It’s definitely worth the wait.

  2. Even though waiting to try sucks, you’re doing the right thing by getting your medications in order.

    I agree with OA – the waiting during trying is far worse (waiting to ovulate, waiting to test….you’ll be living in 2-week(ish) increments!).

  3. Hi, Congratulations!! I just defended too.. Been reading your blog. Kudos to you for being ready to have a child. My husband and I still have issues to work out..I am a pussy!!

  4. Congratulations!! I’ve been in and out of circulation for awhile and I just read your recent posts. Wooo-hoooo!!!! And I can understand the impatience to get on with the rest of your life. I still have that feeling, even though I defended in 2008, like I have so many years to make up for.

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