Living Dangerously

Cup of tea next to laptop:  necessary evil or potentially computer- and thesis-destroying* accident waiting to happen?  You be the judge.

I’m still working on revisions to my thesis.  One of my committee members wanted me to rewrite my entire methods section to sound more like protocols so that they would be more useful to the lab.  Um, no.

The thing that’s really hanging me up is the intro chapter for which I need to read some papers so I can add a section to it that my advisor thinks would be good but which I think is completely tangential.  But, what I think doesn’t seem to matter much at this point (I thought I had a perfectly fine thesis, for example, but my committee disagreed).

*I do have everything backed up to an external hard drive.  And, I’ve been emailing myself revised versions of everything.  So, I would still have the back-ups should the computer be destroyed by an unfortunate tea incident.

3 thoughts on “Living Dangerously

  1. I think at that point I had one of two attitudes toward corrections: 1) screw that, no one else cares, or 2) fine, I’ll do the minimum to make that commenter happy.

    What’s sad is that no one really checks your corrections (or reads your thesis), so don’t stress too much about it 😀

    • My committee has yet to sign my little piece of paper and won’t until after they receive my thesis. Whether or not they will read it then, I don’t know, but they sure read the whole thing the first time (got corrections back for typos).

  2. I cc myself on the chapter drafts I send to my advisor so I have copies by attachment, should anything happen to my laptop. Tea (or coffee) incidents are quite possible here too …

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