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13 thoughts on “Non-white powerpoint backgrounds

  1. Always! White background with dark text is actually more difficult than white on dark. The optimal combination is white on dark blue.

  2. I like white backgrounds when there are photographs, graphs or schematics on the slide.

  3. I think a dark background is the best if you are showing any sort of fluorescence microscopy images. Your eyes are better able to see the finer details.

    Overall I like white text on dark blue or black backgrounds – with some yellow text for accents.

  4. I use keynote, and they have a black background that looks like speakers. It looks really nice with a sans-serif white font (with an electric blue for emphasis).

    i did, however, put white borders on all of my fluorescent images so that they didn’t blend into the background.

    Oh, I think that I friended you on twitter, but the name that you gave wasn’t right, so I may have friended someone else named mrswhatsit that is a scientist.

    • You didn’t friend me. mrswhatsit was already taken when I joined twitter. 😦 Funny that she’s also a scientist!

  5. Con! I don’t know what the light on dark people are thinking, it definitely is not easier to read, there have been studies!

    To some extent this field specific, I think the point about microscopy images is probably valid. But in over here in mathy land, white backgrounds are the rule. Color is quietly viewed as “unserious.” The key to white backgrounds is to turn down the white so that it doesn’t glare.

  6. I have to agree with yolio. I find the blue background with white or yellow writing – often comic sans – looks dated. Brings me right back to the early 90’s. Plus it’s quite red-green colorblind unfriendly.

  7. wow i’m a high school student and don’t ask me how i ended up on this site but i find you really interesting.

    cool site, i love the idea.

    non white power point backgrounds are O.K.
    -the ocean B.G.
    -black on black text
    -black on grey text
    -other ppt 2000 backgrounds
    —-2007 is nice

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