Paper draft: finished

My paper, aka Chapter 2 of the thesis, is complete from my perspective.  It has all of the sections it’s supposed to have, complete and ready for Advisor to comment on and edit.  I sent it to him yesterday and he said this was “outstanding” and he’ll get to it sometime after the ASCB Conference which is in early Dec.  Apparently, he is quite busy with another paper and the class he is teaching and doesn’t have the time to devote to my paper until after ASCB.  *sigh*

At any rate, the thing is out of my hands for now, so I am now tackling Chapter 1, the intro/lit. review.  Advisor said he would look over an outline of it which is great but that means I need to make an outline that makes some sense to people other than me.  At first, it seemed like a duplication of work, but in doing this, I can now see where the holes are in my outline and my knowledge.

MSWord rant:  Why doesn’t the autoformatting feature of Word put things into standard outline format?  I was taught that the format should go something like this:


Word does it in this order:  I.a.i.1.  It drives me nuts!  I can hear my typing teacher yelling about it in my ear.  It’s wrong, wrong, wrong and I just can’t get over it.  It’s like a dripping faucet or someone tapping their fingernails while you’re trying to work.  I could format it myself but that would be a lot of extra effort for a simple outline so I’m just going to leave it even if it does give me the heebie-jeebies.  Okay, end of rant.

I’ve also set a schedule for myself in terms of getting Chapter 1 finished.  I’m splitting it into sections and giving myself deadlines for each section.  Hopefully, this will make me a little more productive.

3 thoughts on “Paper draft: finished

  1. Writing a thesis in MSWord, argh, shuder, shiver, nightmares, ahhh!

    No, seriously, good luck with your thesis! 🙂

  2. MSWord allows you to “define your own” outline styles–you can create one exactly like you want and apply that style whenever you do outline format, or to the whole document. Hope this helps. I hate microsoft. My thesis was written on a mac, but my PI had PC’s. God, every time I took the document from one platform to another, the font changed and the spacing went to heck and I spent hours reformatting and repositioning images, etc. I shudder in remembrance.

    Good luck.

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