Equipment update

The imac is still dead.  😦  I tried leaving it unplugged and plugging it back in, using a different power cord, and resetting the PMU.  The next step is to take it to the computer doctor.  I’m a little worried about taking it someplace to be fixed.  Right now, I feel like the data is still there, just inaccessable.  Who knows what the computer doctors will do to it, though, and I am scared that whatever it is, whatever data was left on the computer will be gone.  The actual paper data is all backed up and everything, but there were programs on the imac that I don’t have on my laptop, and can’t run on my laptop, that I may need before I am done writing.  I am hoping that if the computer can’t be fixed, at least the computer docs can find a way to remove the hard drive and make it so I can access it.

3 thoughts on “Equipment update

  1. When I’ve taken my mac in, they were quite obsessive about reminding me about backing up Dara. So they are certainly sensitive to the issue.

    Have you ever tried the program Dropbox? It is free and sets up a folder on your desktop that is auto synced with an online accnt. It sinks every few minutes. Not much use now that your machine is truly dead, but if it foes back to being merely unreliable you should try setting up a dropbox folder for peace of mind.

  2. Have you tried mounting your imac as a slave drive to your laptop or another computer? I’ve done that before with a computer on it’s way out that wouldn’t boot itself. I can’t remember how to do it, but if you google “slave drive” it should come up. Add some other relevant keywords to clarify that you mean computers. I hope you’re able to get the data!

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