Equipment failure

I have been writing my thesis on my old imac desktop (the kind with the dome base, a stem, and a flat screen). I never turn it off, but the power went out in the apt. very briefly yesterday and so the computer was abruptly turned off.  In protest, it now will not turn back on.  This happened once before a few months ago when I accidentally turned off the switch that went to the outlet that the power strip was plugged into.  What worked in that instance was plugging the computer into a different spot on the power strip.  No such luck this time.  I even tried plugging it directly into the wall, sans power strip, but it stubbornly remains off.

In case you were wondering, I did back up my thesis onto a usb drive.  But, I hadn’t backed up my most recent, very detailed outline of the lit review chapter.  I’ve got an old version of it on a portable hard drive, but I will have to reconstruct some of it.  For awhile, I thought I was going to have to do more than that because I couldn’t get my laptop to recognize my usb drive or the portable hard drive causing me to panic and dig through my sent email folder to get an email to my advisor that had an old draft attached to it (also, I have an old hard copy in a file drawer and was contemplating retyping Chapter 2 which is the only thing that I have written out at this point).  But, then I reset the PRAM on my computer (a trick I learned at the Apple Genius bar when I had this problem in the past) and, considering how this day was going, it miraculously worked.  Now I have a recent draft of Chapter 2 and an old version of my outline and I’m happy I didn’t have to break out the ativan to deal with this little crisis.

I’m worried, though.  The fact that my laptop frequently forgets it has usb ports does not fill me with confidence.  I’m taking the imac to the Genius bar tonight to see if the problem is the power cable.  If that’s the problem then, fine, we get a new cable and I go on using the imac.  If it isn’t, then we have to decide if it’s worth it to send the computer in to get fixed, whatever that would entail.  It’s an old computer, I’m not sure it would be worth it.


The bottom line is I might be looking at getting a new laptop.  That’s not an expense that we are really looking forward to, especially since it turns out that I will have to pay my tuition for the quarter I graduate in (right now, I’m on leave, so no tuition is being paid).  Tuition is $3800/qtr so it’s a significant expense.  And, I had wanted to go to the blogging conference but given all of these other expenses, it might not be feasible financially speaking.

So, it’s kind of been a bummer of a day so far.  Cross your fingers for me that the imac just needs a new power cord.

Also, thank God for backups!

8 thoughts on “Equipment failure

  1. Ugh – at least you had some backups! Too bad you might have to get a new laptop, but hopefully that’s not the case and it’ll be an easy fix. Fingers are crossed for you.

  2. one thing to try is to leave it completely unplugged overnight…my old G5 tower used to lose it’s brain occasionally and this would bring it back to life 🙂

  3. That’s a drag about the computer 😦 I think you should immediately buy an external drive and back up both your imac and laptop. Does either computer have time machine? That makes backups really easy. External drives are so cheap- you can probably get 500 GB for $75 or something.

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