4 thoughts on “15 hours

  1. Yay for the fifteen hour mark. I am doing a small, chair-based touchdown dance on your behalf.

    I keep a writing log to track my writing progress. I write down in a spreadsheet when, how long and, if appropriate, how much (#words/pages). I have taken to also writing down what category of work I do. I pulled off of a wikipedia page five categories of writing “work”: prewriting/drafting/editing/revising/reviewing and I also added “publishing” as a category. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy looking back at my data and seeing how much of my time was spent on which types of work. It pleases me in an altogether too OCD way. But on a more practical note, it seems to help me to be specific about the different types of writing work. Somehow it makes it less nebulous. Though admittedly, I am embarrassed to show my log to people, others tend to find this habit slightly nutty.

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