Laundry rant

Husband and I have a laundry hamper that has three separate compartments in it.  These compartments have been designated white/beige, all colors except red and red.  Why, then, did I find a navy blue plaid shirt in the white/beige compartment and a red plaid shirt in the all colors except red compartment?  Why?  Is he trying to tell me that laundry sorting is more difficult than rocket science?

ETA:  Just found some white socks and underwear in the reds.  Would serve him right if I left them in there and he had to go around in pink socks and underwear!  ARGH!

7 thoughts on “Laundry rant

  1. I totally feel you on this one. My honey does all the dishes and I do all the laundry. He recently left a pen in his pocket and ruined a favorite pair of work pants. He also leaves important receipts in his pockets… argh!

  2. LOL! My DH solves this by just keeping his dirty clothes on the floor 😛

    Actually, he’s really good about doing laundry – we both still do our own, which is kind of strange in a way. Once we get a house, and our own washer & dryer, that will change of course.

    • When Husband and I first lived together, we each did our own laundry so I don’t think it’s strange at all, Alyssa. But now, I’m home all day and he’s working so I feel like the least I can do is do the laundry and some cleaning (you know, in addition to working on my thesis).

  3. I think you shd give him the credit for at least taking his dirty clothes to the laundry bin. My son and hubby leave theirs on the floor and any amt of screming or fretting brings abt a very short, transient change. So I dont even have a col sorter, since I get to do it all the time 🙂

  4. I would return the poorly sorted laundry to him, place it on his pillow or something, possible with a sign reading “try again.” Seriously, he can handle this.

  5. My husband is also a rocket scientist and apparently MANY thing are more difficult than that. Such as hanging up ones coat when one walks in the door. Of course, I find brain surgery (on rodents) much much easier than long division, so I shouldn’t really talk.

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