10 hours

My thesis goal for the week was simply to make space in the office* to actually do work and to find my thesis stuff in The Land of Unpacked Boxes.  Instead, I’ve done both of those things, plus actually worked on my thesis for an hour, bringing me up to 10 hours!  And there’s still another day left in the week!  My reward for 10 hours: new hardcover book or two trade paperbacks or four regular paperbacks.  I’ve had my eye on the new Tasha Alexander book….

*Office sounds so sterile.   Let’s call it the study instead. Makes you think of wood paneling and leather chairs, doesn’t it, instead of cubicles and institutional furniture.
P.S.  Thanks for all of the sentiments regarding my mother’s divorce.  I particularly like what CPP said.

4 thoughts on “10 hours

  1. Great! It should almost feel like fun to work more on your thesis tomorrow, right? After all it’s sort of like “extra credit!”
    (slightly related side note: my students are so easily bribed with an extra point here and there. Even when there’s 800-some points so one point means so little…)
    So yeah, any minutes tomorrow are extra credit above your goal! That’s awesome!

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