Laundry rant

Husband and I have a laundry hamper that has three separate compartments in it.  These compartments have been designated white/beige, all colors except red and red.  Why, then, did I find a navy blue plaid shirt in the white/beige compartment and a red plaid shirt in the all colors except red compartment?  Why?  Is he trying to tell me that laundry sorting is more difficult than rocket science?

ETA:  Just found some white socks and underwear in the reds.  Would serve him right if I left them in there and he had to go around in pink socks and underwear!  ARGH!

My research was totes important–discuss

So, I kinda need to work on the discussion section of my paper.  And, by that I mean that I need to put some words–any words at all–after the discussion heading in the draft.  I’m letting the thing intimidate me and I shouldn’t, really.  I know my research was important.  I know it contributed to the field.  I even know why it was important and how it contributes to my field.  And yet, there are currently no words after “Discussion.”

The problem, mostly, is the same problem I had with every other section, I don’t know how to say what I want to say.  See, I am most comfortable with an informal style of writing (you don’t say?) and a paper is really not informal.  If I had to write a series of informal blog posts about my research, the whole thing would be done and I could go defend and pick up my doctorate.  So, what happens is that I sit in front of the computer and wait to feel inspired.  I write a sentence.  I delete the sentence.  I write a new sentence.  I delete it.  It’s really quite painful.

Well, this approach is getting me nowhere fast so I’ve decided to try something different.  I opened a new document and am writing the discussion as though it was for the blog.  I figure, at least I get something written down and I can clean up the language and make it sound all professional and smart later.  So far, it is working.  We’ll see how it goes when I try to translate it into professional-speak.

10 hours

My thesis goal for the week was simply to make space in the office* to actually do work and to find my thesis stuff in The Land of Unpacked Boxes.  Instead, I’ve done both of those things, plus actually worked on my thesis for an hour, bringing me up to 10 hours!  And there’s still another day left in the week!  My reward for 10 hours: new hardcover book or two trade paperbacks or four regular paperbacks.  I’ve had my eye on the new Tasha Alexander book….

*Office sounds so sterile.   Let’s call it the study instead. Makes you think of wood paneling and leather chairs, doesn’t it, instead of cubicles and institutional furniture.
P.S.  Thanks for all of the sentiments regarding my mother’s divorce.  I particularly like what CPP said.