Dear Universe: a little help please

Dear Universe,

While I appreciate that you do not revolve around me, I was wondering if you could cut me some slack here.  See, I’m trying to write my thesis and I’m having a bit of difficulty.  In addition to the extreme lack of motivation I have for writing (which I realize is totally not your fault) in the last three days there has been:

  • Major construction going on in the apt. above me (Tues.)
  • A friend that I have not seen in over 10 years in town (Wed.)
  • A steady drip of water from my ceiling (leading to more construction upstairs).  AND tree trimmers outside.  All.Day.Long. (Today)

As you might imagine, these things have not been helping the thesis writing.  It’s really hard to concentrate with all of that hammering, sawing, and (I think) shop vaccing that’s going on.  And it’s really important to me to get some work done this week because we are moving at the end of next week which is going to make it difficult to do any work until things get settled again.

So, if you could see your way clear to refrain from sending any more distractions my way, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks much,

Mrs Whatsit

P.S.  If you could also get my advisor to read the drafts I keep sending him, that would be totes awesome.  Thx.


One thought on “Dear Universe: a little help please

  1. Dear Mrs. Whatsit,

    No can do on the distractions, as that is my true joy, but I’ll try my best on the advisor issue. Perhaps give him nightmares about his student never graduating, or infecting his computer with a virus so that it deletes everything but your thesis.

    Good luck.

    The Universe

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