Turns out, I like my current apt. and city just fine

Husband and I are here in the Bay Area looking for apartments.  I’m already homesick for the LA area and our current apt.  We’re having some difficulty finding a two-bedroom apartment with all of the amenities we currently have in a price range we can afford.  So, now we have to decide what our priorities are.  Plus, we may have to get a second car, depending on whether it will be reasonable for Husband to bike to work or not.  *sigh*

Thesis-writing is on hold while I’m out of town, but I did manage to get two hours in earlier in the weekwhich brought me up to five hours and when I get back I’m having my first reward:  a sundae at Cold Stone Creamery!  I wrote in half hour blocks twice a day and that worked pretty well.  I sent a paper draft to Advisor but he is going on vacation and writing a review with a post-doc and so can’t give me comments for a week or two.  😦  I still need to write the discussion section, though, so I can work on tht in the meantime.  And there’s always the lit. review chapter of the thesis.

I found further motivation to write when I had a kerfluffle with the university that is still getting straightened out.  And, I may be forced to take the student insurance even though I don’t live in Grad School City.  All of this makes me want to be DONE so I don’t have to deal with that kind of crap any more.


2 thoughts on “Turns out, I like my current apt. and city just fine

  1. Wait, you are just on vacation in CA, right? 😉

    If you get sick on vacation your insurance, even if based in Grad School City, will usually cover you in Vacation City. (As long as it’s Vacation City, not Relocated City.) At least that’s what I’ve heard…

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