I wrote on my thesis today

Shaking in my boots after CPP’s comment to my last post,  I began my plan to write everyday (btw, right now, everyday means every weekday).  Today I wrote for half an hour and sent my most recent draft of the paper to Advisor.  I set a timer, and stopped when the timer went off.  I don’t expect to get comments from Advisor before tomorrow, so I will work on the materials and methods which isn’t finished or the lit review chapter of my thesis which is barely started until I get comments back.

Hopefully I will have staved off the tickle attack for one more day.

P.S.  My new avatar is curtesy of this site.  I don’t actually watch Mad Men, but it was fun making my avatar.  In the full body image, I’m wearing white gloves, carrying a little black purse and holding a martini.

5 thoughts on “I wrote on my thesis today

  1. Hooray! That’s great. Small steps, consistent progress. It’s a feel good thing all-round 🙂 Love the new avatar by the way, the full size sounds fun!

  2. Yay for you!
    I have one word of advice: FREEDOM.
    Its a great program for the mac that blocks all network connections (internet, mail, etc)! I totally rely on it and without it I would not have gotten my thesis done. You can specify how long you want to be offline for.
    good luck! Writing is a very long and painful road, but it feels really really good to finish.

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