Housewife, domestic goddess–whatever you call it, I like it

First off, thanks for all of the welcome back messages.  It really means a lot to me to know that I was missed!

One thing that has been a pretty big surprise for me is that I like staying home.  I really thought that, after a couple of weeks, I would go stir crazy and need to get some kind of job, but that hasn’t happened.  Instead, I find myself cooking dinner, doing the laundry, cleaning, sewing clothes, and knitting and I like it.  I really do (okay, maybe not the cleaning part so much, and thank God for the dishwasher, but mostly I like it).  Some of this may be thesis avoidance, but mostly, I think I just like staying home.

I do get out a bit.  I’ve got two knitting groups I go to and I do the grocery shopping and stuff.  I go to church.  I go for walks (though not as much right now because it is beastly hot out here).  I have lunch with Husband.

I barely miss lab at all.  I miss the people, but working at the bench not so much.  I don’t even miss science at this point.  Which goes to show that I was really, really burned out.  I’m sure I’ll start to miss science sometime in the future and I’ll get involved in science outreach or something, but guys, I’m telling you, I am happy as a clam to not be in lab.

This is not to say that all is well in the mental health department.  In addition to freaking out about having my husband around (now nicely managed with an atypical antipsychotic), I started having weird paranoid thoughts about somebody being in the apartment while my husband was away on an observing run.*  Then, I started thinking I could hear someone in the apt.  Not good.  More atypical antipsychotic, please!

All of the weirdness may be related to some PTSD stuff I’ve had in the past brought up by the trauma of the move which is good to know, but…OY!  It is not fun at all.  Thank God my psychiatrist does phone appointments, is all I’ve got to say.

So, now, I just need to start working on my thesis.  I was doing pretty good for awhile, working on it every day and then that stopped.  My motivation factor for writing the thing is about nil, but it needs to be done.  Maybe I’ll put a little Thesis Progress widget in the sidebar with the number of hours I worked on it each week as a way to give myself some accountability.  Though, I’m leaving for Iowa tomorrow for a week so I doubt I’ll be getting much done on the thesis once I’m there.  I’ll be too busy visiting family and holding babies.

*Supposedly, the telescope is in Hawaii.  I’m not sure I buy that though.  I think it may be a hoax perpetrated by the astronomy community so that they can go to Hawaii for a week on a regular basis.  😉

8 thoughts on “Housewife, domestic goddess–whatever you call it, I like it

  1. I found that I felt the same way after I got back — perfectly happy doing domestic things like laundry (also likely thesis avoidance). A widget sounds like a good idea. I should get that going myself.

    And yes, I had a friend doing work from Hawaii either on a telescope or a satellite controlled from a base out there. Six months a year on beautiful white sand beaches …

  2. Absolutely get the widget… maybe do it for ‘words written’ – those higher numbers are so satisfying! :o)

    Keep writing! (to us too, not just thesis!) We want to hear how it’s going and it will help you keep motivated!

    Make sure you post if you end up doing the widget… I read this through google reader and so don’t notice changes to the blog website itself unless someone points them out to me in a posting.

    good luck!! Enjoy the housework too – very therapeutic!


    • The problem with keeping track of the number of words written is that it doesn’t take into account editing and reading papers and stuff. So, I think I’m going to stick with “time spent working on thesis.”

    • I’m saving it for when I get back from Iowa. In the meantime, I’ve got papers downloaded and crap like that which I will hopefully read while I’m away.

  3. I started “working” from home after I submitted my thesis – so I was at home for six weeks. The first four I didn’t do any work, and I absolutely LOVED it! It was fun being domestic, making DH dinner for when he got home, etc..

    I think so many of us have been told that’s exactly what we DON’T want, so many never try. So when we do, some of us actually LIKE it 🙂

    Oh, and the telescopes do exist in Hawaii – the bad thing is it’s really cold up there, and actually not a ton of fun to go there unless you take extra days off and spend them at sea level! LOL

    • I don’t know if I can take your word on the telescope thing, Mrs. CH. I mean, you’re an astrophysicist, you have a vested interest in this whole “there are telescopes in Hawaii” scam! 🙂

      I think the biggest surprise is that I’m not doing much of anything that’s intellectually stimulating and that’s not bothering me at all. I think I may have sprained the academic part of my brain while in grad school and now I need a recovery period of resting it.

  4. Widgets are definitely good. And absolutely time out is a Good Thing!

    I am told that there is also a large telescope on Tenerife – in fact, you can book a package course to go and play on it through the Open University – hmmmm, maybe that needs doing one day!

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