Amusing myself

While I’m waiting to set up for my committee meeting (which I will do in about 10 minutes), I am amusing myself by imagining the terrible, terrible things I could do to my committee if they refuse to let me go.

Currently, I am digging into my Sicilian heritage for ideas.  I actually don’t have much Sicilian blood in me, but it is strong.  Mostly, it manifests itself in my tendency to talk with my hands which I do so emphatically many nearby people are drawn into the conversation because I have hit them.  So, keeping that in mind, and the fact that my family is currently obsessed with Mafia Wars on Facebook, I am thinking of ways I could send my committee to sleep with the fishes.  I’m thinking chaining a Sorvall floor model to their legs and tossing them in the river will do the trick.  We’ve got an old one of those that nobody ever uses that would be perfect for such a thing.

Alternately, I could take the “Real Genius” route and have my astrophysicist husband build a giant, space-based laser that could fry them in their houses.

I will keep these things in mind if the going gets rough.

Which it won’t.

Because I am awesome.

I feel a little nauseous.

4 thoughts on “Amusing myself

  1. I hope your committee knows better than to make one of the Classic Blunders…

  2. ha, ha, ha….I am right there with you with the talking-with-hands-thing, and my Italian ancestors were from the North…. I actually find it difficult to think/speak/form coherent sentences if I am holding onto something and thus prevented from moving at least one hand around. I don’t do well talking and driving 🙂

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