The nephews

Last week, I went to Iowa to meet my new nephew (N-2nd) and hang out with his older brother, my first nephew (N-1st, who is 1.5 years old), who was staying at my mom’s (as was I).

N-2nd is really adorable, looks just like N-1st and slept almost the entire time I was there.  It is hard work being born and having to do things that you never had to do  before like breathe and eat and regulate your own body temperature.  Sis is fine, the labor was much easier than with N-1st, or at least went faster.

N-1st isn’t quite sure what to make of N-2nd.  At first, N-1st was studiously avoiding N-2nd.  He became much more interested with N-2nd cried, he wanted to see what was going on.

Since N-1st and I were both staying at my mom’s, we got to spend some quality time together.  I don’t see him that often, so he wasn’t too sure about me when I first got there.  He kept giving me the evil eye and walking really wide around me.  However, my mom’s house only has 2 bedrooms, so N-1st and I were sharing a room and when he woke up at 4AM and started crying, I picked him up and brought him over to sleep with me and he was perfectly okay with that.  So okay, in fact, that he started singing in my ear.  He did not listen to me when I said, “Hey, it’s four in the morning, stop singing and go back to sleep,” he just kept right on singing.  Honestly, though, there are few happier sounds than a toddler singing.  Anyway, eventually, he fell back asleep and all was right with the world.

Until we woke up.  Then he went back to giving me the evil eye and avoiding me for awhile.  Apparently what happened at 4AM was Crisis Situation for which he tolerated me, but in the light of day I was back to being untrustworthy.  After an hour or two of this, he warmed up to me and would let me hold him which was great.  We played on the computer and with this totally annoying toy which he loved but was about to drive me, Mom and Stepdad insane.

Note to self:  Do not get my children talking toys.  If some evil person gives my children talking toys, remove the batteries.  Seriously.  If that bus had said, “Let’s go!” or “Where are we going?” one more time, I was going to go off my rocker.

Anyway, I am back at school now, sadly bereft of small children.  😦

4 thoughts on “The nephews

  1. LOL about the talking bus! I would have thrown that thing out the window!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful visit, and I’m glad N-1st warmed up to you 🙂

  2. Yeah, any talking/musical/battery-powered toys are TERRIBLE! My step-MIL insists on giving them as gifts. We “lose” them as soon as possible.

    Though I have to say that when your kid never sees them, it can help keep them occupied on a long car ride, which is good. (Just bring your ear plugs)

  3. Aw, I am so jealous (well, maybe not about the talking toys). It must have been so special to be there to see N-2nd when he is so little! I am quite sad that I will never have any nieces or nephews (Husband and I are both only children).

  4. N-1st sounds adorable. I love that he sang to you in the middle of the night.

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