The wearing of the brown

Both of my brothers are color blind (let’s hear it for x-linked recessive genetic traits!).  One of them, J, has a much more difficult time than the other.  He really cannot tell the difference between green, brown and red.  Apparently this was a major problem when doing titrations in chem lab in college.  Growing up, though, the only time he had a real problem was on St. Patrick’s Day when he would come downstairs dressed for school all in brown.  Of course, as his older sister, I would laugh myself silly over this (poor kid–probably hates St. Pat’s Day now).

So, today, when I was trying to figure out what to wear, and thinking that I wanted to be able to wear the antique cameo my parents gave me as an early birthday present, I decided to go ahead and wear brown in solidarity with color blind people everywhere.

But, I did also wear a green shamrock pin because I didn’t want to get pinched for not wearing green.

P.S.  I’m probably about 1/16th Irish.  Maybe 1/32nd.  Possibly 1/64th.  Actually, it’s just sort of a rumor in my father’s family that there’s some Irish in there somewhere.  I have no proof of it whatsoever.