My cat died

I don’t know how to deal with it.


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  1. So sad for you…i have an older kitty too who has seen me through senior thesis, candidacy exams and all of the PhD process (which I am still amuck in). They are such a comfort to have around and ask so little. Take care of yourself (and beware of all those people who have never lost a pet and might trivialize the loss — I often wonder how one gets through this isolating PhD process *without* a pet — I think you have to be a little bit off not to have a least goldfish or a houseplant…)

  2. So sorry to hear this. I have two boycats (Mouse and Growltiger) that have been with me for 12 years whom I will miss greatly when it’s their time…I feel your pain.

  3. Im so sorry to hear that my cat died about a day and some hours ago, and its killing me i miss him soo much :´-(

  4. Im so sorry to hear that my cat died about a day and some hours ago, and its killing me i miss him soo much :´-(

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. Exactly 2 hours ago I found out that my Thomas had been killed by a car. So I’m grieving at this moment too.

    But to answer your question: woonds have to heal. It hurts so bad, I know. But think of the wonderful life your cat had with you. He/She didn’t die unhappy.

    The hurt will pass, I have lost many friends (cats) in my life, so I know. You’ll never forget them, put the pain will subside.

  6. My heart cries for you. My own cat Scooter died very suddenly 5 days ago. He was 14. Active, healthy, happy and full of life. He was also a big chicken. He trembled at thunderstorms, loud cars, all trucks and squirrels. We had just brought him home from getting his yearly rabies vaccine, he appeared his usual self, but 30 minutes later….he was gone from us. I share the agony and heartsickness you feel. Our “cat” was not only a pet, but also a loving and LOVED member of our family. Please, allow yourself to grieve as we now do. Time will make it easier to bear, but his memory will always be with you. Be thankful for the many ways in which your kitty touched your life and your heart.

    • Sounds like the vet gave your cat the wrong shot. Some cat that was supposed to be euthanized got a rabies shot.

  7. My cat died last night by a car accident to. Whats worse is that I let him out, hes a house-cat who rarely goes out but I could tell he was itching to get out so I let him out for a bit. He never come home that night and I soon received a phonecall following a few hours of letting him out that a car had hit him and he had died.
    I’m in so much shock at the moment I can’t deal with it and don’t what to do. 😦 I’m just devastated. He had only been with us for a few months but I had bonded with him so well and now its just all gone. I wish I hadn’t of let him out.. 😦 I feel sorry for all of you who’ve recently had a loss of a pet, its truly devastating.. My heart feels for you all..

  8. Our cat Calvin, the best cat I’ve ever had was put to sleep in his home by a vet today. He was suffering from numerous metabolic ailments due to having intestinal cancer.
    He obtained no nutrition from food and was slowly wasting away, living off his own body tissues.
    We loved him and he seemed to love us. He slept on the bed, stretched on his side like a little human, under the blankets with his head out and on the pillow, laying next to us.

    Calvincat 1994- Aug 28, 2009

  9. My cat has been missing for 3 weeks and i am devastated I have been having anxiety attacks I know what you are going through I am so sorry

  10. My cat Skweekie just died in her sleep early this morning and I am just a mess. I miss her so much. I feel your pain. She was only 11 years old but she had been diagnosed with a heart murmur within the last two years and I think she had some underlying issues.

  11. My sweetheart Wyatt was put to rest at the vet yesterday, he had kidney disease. I’m still crying and I feel so depressed, my heart is broken.. We buried him in the backyard by the pool, between the orange tree and the palm tree. I will pray for you and everyone else on this page so that they can recieve the same healing I hope to recieve, God bless you.

  12. I never had a chance to say goodbye to my beloved cat.

    I’m so sad because I only got to see him occasionally as he lived with my Mum and Dad, who I can only visit about once a month.

    I don’t think he knew how much I loved and cared about him, and how I thought of him everyday.

    When I found out he had been put down all of a sudden, I couldn’t stop crying and now I just feel empty inside.

    I just wish he knew how much of a friend he was to me.

    • get another cat may be a worst idea because,when the another cat dies in a same cause,we will feel more pain because of an accident
      Mine I threw to the market to catch their own food. After few hours I came back to the market to look for them,the’ve gone!!
      4 cats I threw and 2 cats died in two accidents. Very terrible!

  13. I had to put my precious George to sleep yesterday, after 18 yrs of love and affection and conversation my house feel so empty. I got him when my hubby & I got married – and now he is gone. I am so very sad. I miss him. What a joy and a comfort and friend he has been for all these years – usually at a time of loss I come home and cuddle him – and he is gone. I feel like my heart is broken

  14. So sorri. ino how u feel my cat rosie was put down yesterday because she had something wrong with her liver and she wasnt responding to her drip.She was only 9. ive been cryingon and off since i was told so i couldnt sleep and now have swollen eyes and have had 2 have the day off school. i miss her like mad. love you rosie x

  15. I’m sorry for your loss of you kitty. I know what you must have gone through.
    My baby, pupukat, died on Saturday, September 11. She had diabetes and I couldn’t get the disease regulated. I blame my vet and I blame myself. Everyone said I should get a second opinion, but I didn’t. She would still be alive today if I weren’t so stupid. I just don’t feel like doing anything right now, but I have to work to pay for all of the vet bills. No one understands why I’m so sad.

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