Now, if only I could get my brain to turn off

So, I started taking the medicine for restless leg syndrome and it’s helping.  My legs aren’t totally comfortable, but I don’t have to move them around like crazy either.  Stretching helps.   Thanks to whoever suggested that.

And, I seem to be emerging from my depression, too.  I’ve been feeling happier and more motivated.  Things are going well.


I. Still. Can’t. Sleep!!!!!!

It takes me forever to fall asleep.  And then I sleep for a couple of hours and I’m wide awake again.  My brain will just not shut off.  So, I end up staying awake for  a few hours before I can finally fall asleep again.  I think I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in a month.

So, it’s back to the doctor for me.  Hopefully she can give me something that will let me sleep through the night.


One thought on “Now, if only I could get my brain to turn off

  1. I don’t know if suggestions will drive you crazy- in which case I apologize- but doxylamine, sold in this country as Unisom, is a great over-the-counter sedative that is also safe for pregnancy (later, and all, if still needed). I take it because my nice drugs (ADs) make me insomniac and then crazier.

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