Run that by me again?

Last Friday, at lab meeting, Advisor calmly states that he has been informed that the dishwashing machines have not been working properly for “quite some time now” which may or may not explain some of the problems the lab has been having with contamination.  When asked how long quite some time is, he replied, “Several months.”  Several months?  As in, possibly as long as my experiments have been wonky?



Why are we just finding out about this now???  And, is dirty or soap-residue filled glassware the reason my once beautiful experiment looks like crap??????


7 thoughts on “Run that by me again?

  1. That happened to us once (although fortunately we figured it out after two weeks). Turned out that the problem was some kind of filter in those industrial machines that is supposed to be replaced every 6 months hadn’t been replaced in over 10 years.

    I’m sorry this happened to you, but I hope this means everything will work beautifully for you from now on.

  2. Ugh. Great communication skills, huh? I really hope it was as simple as that and you’ll get great results soon!

  3. I love how casual some people can be when they’re not the ones wasting their time doing experiments that fail. Seems as if the washer wasn’t the problem, but I the situation has remedied itself.

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