Result C.1

Awhile back, I told you of my woes in trying to get Result C from Experiment 3.  Well, I’m in the midst of Experiment 4 which will hopefully give me Result C.1.  I have great hopes that it will do so because I did a quick and dirty experiment and got Result C.1.preliminary.  I should be really excited.  And I am, sort of.

See, I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks trying to refine the outline of my paper.  A good paper should tell a story.  And I think I have a story.  The problem is that right now, the story is full of holes.  I have a lot of data.  But that data isn’t in a form that is publishable.  Some of getting it publishable involves repeating experiments with the right controls or running a gel that includes all of the samples I want to directly compare.  But, some of it involves new experiments.  That scares me because that’s how I got Result Fish when I did Experiment 3.  And while that story is going to turn out okay in the end (I think.  I hope.), it still meant that I had to take this several week diversion trying to get it all sorted out.

The bottom line is, reconfiguring this outline made me realize just how far away from graduation I really am.  And it’s a lot further that I thought it would be.


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  1. Well, you might be surprised. I know when I finished it was like it happened overnight. I had my nose so far into the grindstone that I didn’t look up for a while. Try not to worry about when you’ll finish, you can drive yourself crazy with that (even more than being scared by Result Fish). Just keep chugging away. You’ll get there.

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