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A year or two ago, I set up a knitting blog under my real name and posted to it fairly regularly.  Sometimes I would go a week or two without posting, but usually, I kept it fairly up to date.   Then, I decided that I really needed a blog where I could talk about lab and not feel I should explain each concept in detail so that laypeople could understand it and furthermore, this blog should be anonymous to make it harder for people I know to find it and recognize me.  THEN, I decided that I really needed a lab blog under my real name for my friends and family to read so that when they asked me how much longer until I’m done with my PhD, I can just say, “Read the blog,” and spare myself the agony of trying to explain my life (finishing my PhD is pretty much my entire life right now) over and over again.   Three separate blogs, three separate purposes.

Unfortunately, this means that posting to any one blog is sporadic.  Maintaining three blogs is a little time-consuming and I really ought to be spending my time doing labwork.  And yet, I really feel a need to have all three of those outlets.  I imagine that posting my latest knitting project on this blog would not be satisfying to me (because it’s more fun to show off your knitting and talk about your knitting with other knitters) nor the people who read this blog (because they came here to read about science).  I can’t have my family running all over this blog and still maintain my anonymity and I can’t post anything I want to post about science on the family blog because then I’m back to explaining what I do to laypeople.

The bottom line is, I want to keep all three blogs and post more regularly on all three but not have it take large amounts of time away from labwork which is what I really should be doing.  Any suggestions?

P.S.  I just ran the blog spellcheck on this entry and apparently, the word “blog” is not in the spellcheck because it got underlined.  I find that highly amusing.  I am maybe too easily amused. 

2 thoughts on “Blog overload

  1. If my friends and family want to know what goes at work/school I give them my “anonymous” blog. With a stipulation to myself that I only give it to people who I can trust. And since I approve all comments, if there is something that I think is too revealing, I don’t publish it. And if they want to leave comments, it has to be anonymous.

    The knitting I can’t comment on, but I would keep it up. You need something besides work and science.

    I’m in the process of setting up a blog for my family and friends with my real name. To keep them updated not only on my work but also what’s going on in my life since I only see most them around the holidays. There they can say what they want.

    So for me, that’s two. My best advice – set aside maybe 1/2 hour each day, or every other day, to write to one, and only one blog. Try to alternate which you write to. If you do that at least 6 days a week for 1/2 hour a day that’s two posts/blog/week!

  2. I do the opposite — I have one blog for it all. Which isn’t anonymous (thanks to the German law). And it is probably weird for (almost) everyone reading it because there will be bits not interesting for you. But if I had more I’d probably post once a month on each…

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