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One of the fun things about wordpress is that they tell you what search engine terms led to your blog. Here are two recent ones:

  • radiac wash msds
  • is it bad to leave a pcr machine on over

So, the first one led the person here and the second one probably to this post (“probably” because I tried the search on Google and didn’t see my blog on the first page so gave up; the radiac wash msds was actually the first thing Google gave me which just seems wrong, fortunately the actual msds was the second one). Neither of which answered their questions. I think the second one got cut off and it’s supposed to be “overnight” or possibly “over the weekend”. So, if you’re still out there, and you haven’t found the answer to your question, then I would say the following:

There’s nothing wrong with leaving the pcr machine on for a long time. The problem is that some of them–although they CLAIM you can leave them at 4 degrees–break down or start to have problems if you consistently leave them at 4 degrees, particularly if you have a lot of humidity in your lab because, apparently, it’s something to do with condensation. However, we often let our run on an 11 degree hold overnight or over the weekend no problem (though I don’t understand that because wouldn’t condensation still be a problem?). But, if you’re really worried about it, have the final hold be at room temp (25 degrees) it won’t hurt your sample or the machine.

There. Now if someone does a similar search, they’ll actually get the answer. I feel like I’ve done my good deed for the day.

Other search terms that ended up in my blog:

  • glucose autoclave problem (not sure what that’s about but I would suggest filter sterilizing instead of autoclaving) 
  • Mrs Whatsit (that seems obvious though I wonder if they were actually looking for me or for the book)
  • response to a fun committee
  • Science Project- how time flies
  • What to do when you lose mental balance (that one makes me think I ought to put some links to sites about depression in my sidebar or something; I’d hate to see people looking for help get stuck with a science blog)
  • “ethidium bromide” “food dye” (I can’t find any evidence to substantiate that rumor; I think it may be a lab myth)

Nothing really wild and crazy yet.  Perhaps I need to be blogging longer for the truly strange ones to show up.

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