First post

I wish I had something inspiring to say–something that was profound and wonderful–so that I could burst upon the scene in my new blog and the community would shout and cheer and say, “At last! This is what we have been waiting for!” But, alas, I’ve got bupkis.

I decided to start this blog because, as a senior graduate student, I have a lot of, how can I say it? Frustration. Yes, that’s it. Frustration with my project, with my lab, with my PI, with science in general, with Republican politicians, with idiots, and with anyone who asks me if I can write prescriptions when I’m done.  Possibly unreasonably frustrated.  Possibly justified.  At any rate, there are only so many times you can say, “Woe is me!  My experiments are all crap!  I shall never graduate!” before your labmates beat you over the head with a metal test tube rack.  So, yes, I need a place to bitch.

But, I am also hoping, that by blogging about science, somewhere along the way I will regain my love of science and remember why I’m doing this damn PhD thing to begin with.  So, to that end, for every 2 (3?) posts that I proclaim my undying hatred for all things science, I will write 1 post about why Science is Cool.  Because it is.

It’s just benchwork that sucks.